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Sen, 2013 in tianjin blue autumn fair

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On July 31, 2013 of the country's largest fishing tackle trade fair in the grand opening of tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center, although is sorching summer, burning sun pawn, but still attracted from all over the world love fishing fishing tackle colleagues and friends. Of course, as a leading brand - sen company, fishing line in China, also attended the event.

The autumn fair, its brings the product to the market of fishing rod, although it was first introduced, fishing rod, but the performance of the rods or got everyone's consistent high praise.

The other's company, in the new product line has launched a special competitive fishing line "string wu", what is the total number of m 62 m, 2 m of them in return for you for a long time to sen as a handout for everyone's support. Another product for our "cloud" high-quality goods line, its unique, exquisite packaging, excellent quality, the thread tension, wear resistance, of the winding line, such as soft performance advantages to the scene of the new and old friends to order purchasing.

Although the three days of fishing gear show has ended, but sen, innovation spirit, as always. , who is willing to work with you hand in hand advance together, strive hard, hard, brave, fishing for the majority of the friends to provide more quality products and services.